Assistant Professorship

Since fall 2010, Aurel von Richthofen is assistant professor for computer aided design (CAD) at the German University of Technology in Oman.

2 0 1 0 – p r e s e n t : Assistant Professor, German university of Technology in Oman
Taught courses: Computer Aided Design 1, Computer Aided Design 2, Computer Aided Design 3, Computer Aided Design 4, General Elective GIS, Faculty Elective Digital Fabrication, Faculty-lead Student Design Competition EcoHaus, Mentoring the Autodesk Student Expert GroupR e s e a r c h : 2 0 1 3 : Focal point for ETH Studio Basel research on urbanization in Oman.
2012 – present: main contributor to Harvard university lead project ‘Gulf Encyclopedia for Sustainable urbanism’ (GESu) in collaboration with Sultan Qabous university. 2011 – present: Co-investigator on Research Project “Towards sustainable patterns of urbanization in Oman” with Dr. Sonja Nebel, Gutech and Sultan Qabous university founded by The Research Council OmanC o n s u l t a n c y : 2 0 1 0 – 2 0 1 1 : urban Design Consultancy Project conducted by Gutech team and Norplan for the re-development of Muscat’s old port town Mutrah. Contribution to Sustainable urban design, CAD/GIS modelling, Capacity Building. 2 0 1 3  - p r e s e n t : Consultant to Constatt Ltd Oman, contributor to the urban planning section of the Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS). S e r v i c e : Served in a number of department, college and university academic services amongst others development of CAD infrastructure at Gutech increasing the number of fully licensed workstations from 18 to 120, development of CAM lab with laser-cutter, development of online learning platform “moodle”, campus relocation committee, founding for extra-curricular excursions to Barcelona and Kuwait with students, intern mentoring programme. 



German born in Geneva, Aurel von Richthofen studied architecture in Switzerland and the USA. He holds a Dipl. Arch. from ETH Zurich, and a M. Arch. from Princeton University. He is a registered architect in Berlin and Zurich. His research focuses on analyzing and interpreting urban space with means of parametric design tools. His current research project examines sustainable patterns of urbanization in Oman. Aurel is currently working as Module Coordinator for Alternative Construction Materials at the Future Cities Lab in Singapore. His CV can be found here:

Visiting Assistant Professor

Aurel has been appointed as Visiting Faculty to the Knowlton School of Architecture (KSA) at The Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus Ohio for the academic years 2007-08 and 2008-09. Aurel teaches sophomore and graduate design studios, representation classes for digital design and fabrication, theory classes and research.

Sustainable Patterns of Urbanization in Oman

Since 2011 Aurel von Richthofen is Co-Investigator on the research project entitled "Towards Sustainable Patterns of Urbanization in Oman" funded by The Research Council Oman (TRC). He is a main contributor responsible for writing the report, editing the material, leading research assistants, coordinating symposia, conferences and exhibitions.

UPAD publication 2012

Aurel von Richthofen edited the first publication at the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture Design (UPAD) at the German University of Technology in Oman. The yearbook collects the works produced from 2010 to 2012. Read the three sections Theory, Design & Research here: