aurelVR architecture is a practice of architecture lead by Aurel von Richthofen. We are a team of 3 architects and interns with an extended network of friends, colleagues and former students that share our enthusiasm and that we collaborate with. Our projects range from installation to architecture to urban design. We participate in international architecture competitions. We offer consultancy services in urban design, parametric design and architectural education.

Join the team: We are looking for young and talented designers to join our competition team. Self motivation, strong graphic skills, cutting edge computer knowledge in 3D programs required. Knowledge of parametric design, scripting, CAD-CAM is a plus. Proficiency in German, Arabic, French and/or English is preferred. Apply by sending a single electronic pdf application no larger than 5MB to raumschiff () gmail () com./p>

Aurel von Richthofen, principle aurelVR - architecture

Dipl. Architekt ETH / SIA 
Master Architecture Princeton

Present and former collaborators of aurelVR:

Kaveh Arbab, Rushabh Parekh, Mohammed Nazmy, Andy Pittman, Josh Lowrance, Thomas Pearce, Tom Pompeiani, Tanja Kulminska, Carlos Ramos da Silva, Sergei Mikhailenko, Haitham Al Busafi, Michaela Schweizer, Magdalena Kupfersberger, Thomas Hurrell, Alessia Pegorin, Riccardo del Fabbro, Estrella Sanz Alonzo, Yiwen Zhang, Marta Kluk.



German born in Geneva, Aurel von Richthofen studied architecture in Switzerland and the USA. He holds a Dipl. Arch. from ETH Zurich, and a M. Arch. from Princeton University. He is a registered architect in Berlin and Zurich. His research focuses on analyzing and interpreting urban space with means of parametric design tools. His current research project examines sustainable patterns of urbanization in Oman. Aurel is currently working as Module Coordinator for Alternative Construction Materials at the Future Cities Lab in Singapore. His CV can be found here:

Sucre Glace

Sucre-glace is an compact ice-rink and sports stadium in the Swiss village of St.Cergues, located in the Jura mountains close to Geneva. The envelope is a consists of an inflated membrane and wooden space-frame.

House Like Her

The House Like Her – an artist studio and home – is located by the sea south of Muscat along the magnificent coastline of the Indian Ocean between Quriat and Sur. Linked by the new coastal high-way to the capital the location offers the serenity and unspoilt beauty unique to Oman.

School Crisser

School Vevey is a design for an elementary school in Crissier, a small village in the Swiss Romandie. The design includes eight class rooms, a sports hall and related administrative spaces.

Maribor Bridge

Maribor Bridge is a design for new footway and bicycle bridge Lent–Taborsko nabrežje. The proposed bridge is a light-weight construction combining air beams and tension cables in a new structural concept called “Tensairity”.

Compact City Oman

Compact city is a design for a sustainable neighborhood in Al Khoudh within the larger Muscat Capital Area based on cultural, climatic and economic criteria of sustainability. This model – both a research method to evaluate, interpret and integrate specific criteria of sustainability as well as a design proposal for a sustainable neighborhood - exemplifies an integrated approach to urbanism adapted to the local Omani conditions.