UPAD publication 2012

Aurel von Richthofen edited the first publication at the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture Design (UPAD) at the German University of Technology in Oman. The yearbook collects the works produced from 2010 to 2012. Read the three sections Theory, Design & Research here:

Authors: Aurel von Richthofen 

with a forword by Joerg Baumeister, Aurel von Richthofen and Martin Werminghausen
graphic design by Johanna Siebein of Studio Laucke Siebein in Berlin

Place: Muscat, Oman
Year: 2012
Size: 196 pages, A5, 350 printed copies
Type: Publication
Client: GUtech 






Urban Oman Research

The research project “Towards Sustainable Patterns of Urbanization” founded by The Research Council Oman (TRC) has lead to various collaborations with other international academic institutions. As co-investigator on the project in Oman, I have been coordinating these exchanges and channeling them into significant contributions to the larger research project while providing the students with academic frame-work, access and exposure.

Marvelous Mondays

Aurel von Richthofen presents his design and research work to GUtech students of Architecture and Urban Planning (UPAD) in 2011. Aurel uses a video flip-through of his portfolio 2007-09 showing early design and teaching projects including the Zurich elephant park, TU Delft campus, Rotterdam Museum and EuroMarseille competition.

Barcelona Student Excursion

In spring 2012, GUtech's 'Student Experts' attended the annual Computer Aided Design convention 'WoodStEx 2012' held in Sitges, Spain near Barcelona organized by Bjørn Wittenberg. During the convention the 'Experts' met with more than 200 fellow students from 21 countries all over Europe, representing 54 universities, attended 3 days of intense workshops and could experience the latest software technology.

GUtech lecture series

MUSCAT, Mar. 2013, Venue: GUtech, lecture series. Organizer: Dept of urban Planning and Architectural Design. Title of the paper presented: Dr. Sonja Nebel & Aurel von Richthofen: “Progress report TRC project: Towards Sustainable Patterns of urbanization.”

Parametric Urbanism

CAD 4 @ GUtech 2010 - present In their last regular CAD semester students are introduced to parametric modeling. They elaborate protocols and definitions that can handle design relevant parameters and yield 3D geometries. Student evaluate the resulting shapes and re-interpreted them as architectural or urban forms. A special focus is laid upon the production of variations and repetitions. Once students master parametric design from scratch they use building information modeling software. Again, they work and update a digital model that can be enriched with information to produce technical drawing set, a rendering or a fabrication file.

Additive vs Subtractive

modeling space / CAD 2 @ GUtech 2010- present The 2nd CAD seminar builds upon the drafting skills elaborated in CAD 1. This seminar engages students into constantly shifting from 2D forms of representation, such as plans, sections, elevations and perspectives to 3D models and back. The 3D model is produced through addition of elements (tectonic) or subtraction from a volume (stereolithic). Various scales demand different conventions of drawing. Student gain proficiency in modeling, drafting and layout of their designs and often re-work their studio assignment.

aurelVR redesign

Johanna Siebein and Aurel von Richthofen developed the new corporate identity for aurelVR. The CI includes a new logo constructed from parallel lines reflecting the firm's analytic and constructive approach to design. A first product is a new publication of the research, teaching and design activities of aurelVR. The 92 page booklet features three sections of different width and is produced in a small series. The new CI was also applied to relaunch the website implemented in Drupal by Tino Urbiks.

Assistant Professorship

Since fall 2010, Aurel von Richthofen is assistant professor for computer aided design (CAD) at the German University of Technology in Oman.