BAK Pavillion 2010

The design concept for the German Architects Chamber pavilion is composed of a complex distribution of regular polyhedral elements. Octahedrons and tetrahedrons interlock spatially like 3 dimensional tiles following a non-Carthesian grid.
Based on an industrial product available by the millions the pavilion is entirely made of used euro-palletes. These next generation euro-palletes are made of heat-pressed wood-chips, glued together under pressure, forming an new composite material. The specific design of euro- palette INKA Palette Typ F86 with peripheral feet and a maximum of inner surface with a distinct vein-pattern proved ideal for the purpose of the project. The veins structurally reinforce the palettes and are re-interpreted as functional ornament on the design of the base elements. The cost of new palletes is 5,13 Euro a piece, used ones are much cheaper. The material cost is less than 4,00 Euro per element. (see facts sheet on below).
Fabrication method: 
A standard 5-axis cnc-machine produces the polyhedrons by trimming the triangular edges into the palettes. The cutting angle determines the later shape (34 degrees for tetrahedrons and 55 degrees for octahedrons) and can be applied in positive and negative direction. As a result the polyhedrons have both concave and convex veins which allows for a mechanical connection between the elements. A prototype is under construction in the Berlin atelier. 
Euro-Pallete Fact-Sheet: 
4 billion palletes in worldwide circulation 
850 new palletes produced every year worldwide 
Over 300 million palletes in circulation in Europe (Euro-Norm dimension of 800 x 1200 mm) 
36 new palletes produced every year in Europe, 3 million from composite wood chips. Annual growth potential 3-5% p.a. 
INKA Pallete Typ F86: 
INKA Pallete Typ F86 is an innovative composite wood chip pallete responding to Epal EUR Norm. 
Fabrication and Recycling: 
INKA Pallete Typ F86 uses Werzalit technology, meaning ca. 15% harnstoff-methanol-condensate, ca. 85% wood chips and less than 1% parafin. 
Selected industry grade wood is being chipped and dryed, before mixed with the other ingredients and steam-pressed into shape. The composite material is completely bio-degradable and can be returned to form vegetal bio-mass. 
INKA-Pallete F86 6 feet, 800 x 1200 mm 5,13 Euro / piece 
Direct Recycling : 
INKA F86 is an industry grade product. Instead of shredding the palletes to chips they can be used as "Ready-Mades" directly. 
BAK Pavillion 2010 - competition entry for the German Architects Chamber pavilion (Bundesarchitektenkammer) , Munich, 2009 / Aurel von Richthofen with Marc Schmit and Sebastian Hefti.
INKA Typ F86 - an industrial product
Vein pattern
Slicing pattern - Resulting triangular pieces
Male notch: Tetrahedron - Female notch: Octahedron
Industrial product, cheap, available = ready made
Parametric distribution diagram
BAK pavilion


Finalist in 2 stage, international, cross-disciplinary design competition for a new signage and orientation system for the Castles and Gardens of Saxony, in Germany in 2010 – 2011 (Informations- und Leitsystem für die Schlößer und Gärten Sachsens). aurelVR and Studio Laucke Siebein teamed up and entered the project 'Tournesol'.

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