Finalist in 2 stage, international, cross-disciplinary design competition for a new signage and orientation system for the Castles and Gardens of Saxony, in Germany in 2010 – 2011 (Informations- und Leitsystem für die Schlößer und Gärten Sachsens). aurelVR and Studio Laucke Siebein teamed up and entered the project 'Tournesol'.
Tournesol - Infographics Saxony is a new signage and orientation system for the Castles and Gardens of Saxony, Germany. The Castles and Gardens of Saxony are a cultural treasure of particular dimensions. The heritage circumscribes historic monuments, buildings, gardens and parks actively used as recreational facilities, museums, event spaces and concert halls.
The infographic system aims to unite and transport information about these spaces. The proposed system organizes historical, geographical, architectural and botani- cal data in temporal and spatial ways. Based on a matrix data is classified, weighed and contextualized. The graphic design responds to this distinction of information domains into present, history and events. The combination of informa- tion domains and information levels can be transported to various information media ranging from apps to flyers, posters, signage and spatial landmarks. The signage system follows a holistic approach whereas information is understood as a dynamic component of a stratified cultural landscape.
Most prominently, it proposes a spatial display system. As sculptural elements of high recognition value, these displays unfold the information and reach into the land- scape. The display system made of laser-cut steel panels can unfold into labels, benches, tables or multi-membered signage panels for indoor and outdoor use. The colorful objects complement the heritage landscape and highlight the added informative value. These elements form a playful addition to the urban furniture and can be recognized
easily for as landmarks for orientation. Furthermore they can be used as optical markers for ‘augmented reality’. 
Authors: Aurel von Richthofen 
with Thomas Pierce, Tom Pompeiani, Tanja Kulminska in collaboration with Johanna Siebein (graphics) and Andreas Schütz (industrial design)
Place: Saxony, Germany 
Year: 2010–2011
Size: variable
Type : Competition
Client: Castles and Gardens of Saxony 
raw physical model, folded aluminum
Castle Pilnitz
Castle Wesenstein
the matrix of signage elements
the catalogue of elements
media concept
signage graphics

BAK Pavillion 2010

The design concept for the German Architects Chamber pavilion is composed of a complex distribution of regular polyhedral elements. Octahedrons and tetrahedrons interlock spatially like 3 dimensional tiles following a non-Carthesian grid.

Realstadt Exhibition

New Bowkunde TU Delft model featured at Realstadt Exhibition in Tresor Berlin. Fuse-deposit cnc model in acrylic resin. Dimensions 32 cm diameter, 2,5 cm height.

House Like Her

The House Like Her – an artist studio and home – is located by the sea south of Muscat along the magnificent coastline of the Indian Ocean between Quriat and Sur. Linked by the new coastal high-way to the capital the location offers the serenity and unspoilt beauty unique to Oman.

Tetra – City / House

The house of the future is a tetrahedron. In fact, it is a set of tetra- shaped rooms forming a little city of tetra-spaces that form a tetra-shaped house. Fractal in geometry, the ideal house can be applied as ideal city on a different scale. Recursive in time, a partial realization anticipates the future expansion.

aurelVR redesign

Johanna Siebein and Aurel von Richthofen developed the new corporate identity for aurelVR. The CI includes a new logo constructed from parallel lines reflecting the firm's analytic and constructive approach to design. A first product is a new publication of the research, teaching and design activities of aurelVR. The 92 page booklet features three sections of different width and is produced in a small series. The new CI was also applied to relaunch the website implemented in Drupal by Tino Urbiks.