Beyond Rendering, TU Berlin

Aurel speaks on the topic of architectural representation on the conference Beyond Rendering organized by Daniel Lordick at TU Berlin. Architectural representation had only recently moved towards image driven representation forms. The "parametric shift" indicates a tendency towards the text, more explicitly the script.

Architectural representation with digital means is not about the rendering of perfect image but about rethinking Victor Hugo's (1802 – 1885) famous quote on the dawn of architecture as leading cultural medium and applying it to computation: “Ceci tuera cela”...
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Beyond Rendering Conference venue at TU Berlin
Aurel von Richthofen speaking at Beyond Rendering

Brooklyn Smart Dots

Brooklyn Smart Dots originates in the radical re-conception of street traffic and proposes an intelligent surface of communicating luminous dots.


The research project 'Architecture and Urbanisation With/Out Water' investigates the material, tectonic and social dimensions of architecture in its relationship towards water.

@ Sultan Qabous University

Aurel von Richthofen lectures at Sultan Qaboos University on the topic of "parametric design beyond form". Kind invitation of Alya Abdul Sattar Yaqoob Al-Hashim to the Dept. of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The lecture is structured around three aspects of parametric design: design that can accommodate different parameters, design that computes and design beyond form.

Digital Design & Representation

Digital Design and Representation stand at the core of the education of architects and urban designers. Due to the proliferation of computers, the increasing computer literacy amongst incoming students and the fundamental shift in the profession towards the digital, digital design and representation needs to be re-assessed all together.

Portfolio 2009-2013

This portfolio collects three lines of investigation explored simultaneously and mutually re-enforcing the work produced by aurelVR during 2009-2013: Research, Teaching and Practice. Research on urbanization in Oman and the Gulf marks a new field of investigation of design processes and spatial organization beyond form. Teaching expands in the same direction using digital tools to support design and research. The design part, finally, collects various projects done with aurelVR in Berlin and Oman.


The research on Urban Oman and the Arab Gulf examines the consequences of urbanisation triggered by rapid economic and demographic growth in Oman and the Arab Gulf. The research is structured in three parts: ‘Arab Gulf Cities in Transition: Towards New Spatialities’; ‘Urban Oman – Trends and Perspectives of Urbanisation in Muscat Capital Area’; ‘Spatial Diversity and Sustainable Urbanisation in Oman’.