Portfolio 2009-2013

This portfolio collects three lines of investigation explored simultaneously and mutually re-enforcing the work produced by aurelVR during 2009-2013: Research, Teaching and Practice. Research on urbanization in Oman and the Gulf marks a new field of investigation of design processes and spatial organization beyond form. Teaching expands in the same direction using digital tools to support design and research. The design part, finally, collects various projects done with aurelVR in Berlin and Oman.

Editor: Aurel von Richthofen
Graphic Design: Johanna Siebein of Studio Laucke Siebein
Place: Berlin, Germany
Year: 2013
Type: Publication
Size: 92 pages A4
Circulation: 40 printed copies & web publication

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photos by Johanna Siebein
photos by Johanna Siebein
photos by Johanna Siebein
photos by Johanna Siebein
photos by Johanna Siebein
photos by Johanna Siebein

Portfolio 2002-2009

This Portfolio 2002-2009 is primarily an archive of projects gradually expanding through teaching and practice. In analogy to the periodic table this archive can hold, but also predict, elements before their actual discovery or realization in design. Within this framework the projects resist a reductive chronological or typological classification, common to many architectural portfolios.


aurelVR is a trans-disciplinary practice of architecture and urban design. Our design approach is based in scientific evidence. We develop our own analysis and design tools that draw from data and computer science. We script and code at all stages of design to explore design spaces and to communicate to people and machines. We collect our design knowledge in design ontologies and use semantic web technologies. We strive for sustainable, responsible, and fair architecture and urban design and we aim to practice it.

Realstadt Exhibition

New Bowkunde TU Delft model featured at Realstadt Exhibition in Tresor Berlin. Fuse-deposit cnc model in acrylic resin. Dimensions 32 cm diameter, 2,5 cm height.

aurelVR redesign

Johanna Siebein and Aurel von Richthofen developed the new corporate identity for aurelVR. The CI includes a new logo constructed from parallel lines reflecting the firm's analytic and constructive approach to design. A first product is a new publication of the research, teaching and design activities of aurelVR. The 92 page booklet features three sections of different width and is produced in a small series. The new CI was also applied to relaunch the website implemented in Drupal by Tino Urbiks.