Haus Frehn

Haus Frehn is a countryside home South of Berlin for a couple with separate guest house. The site is located in the scenic Spreewald of Brandenburg in a predominantly rural setting.

The house doubles up as administrative building for the owners organic sea buckthorn farm. The plants with distinctive orange fruits surround the building. The modern, square house with a square annex contrasts with the rolling hills and forests of the region. The house is built on Passivhaus design principles and features a modern timber-frame construction. The main house is organized on one level around a small patio, while the guest house has a mezzanine level.

Authors: Aurel von Richthofen 
with Alessia Pegorin, Riccardo del Fabbro, Estrella Sanz Alonzo

Place: Golzen, Germany
Year: 2013
Size: 230 m2
Type: Study commission
Client: Undisclosed 


580 Park Avenue

580 Park Avenue is the complete remodeling of a 400 m2 prewar apartment on Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York. The renovation uses innovative materials from renewable resources to render an exquisite modern apartment.

House Like Her

The House Like Her – an artist studio and home – is located by the sea south of Muscat along the magnificent coastline of the Indian Ocean between Quriat and Sur. Linked by the new coastal high-way to the capital the location offers the serenity and unspoilt beauty unique to Oman.

Lausanne Housing

The housing scheme Fiche Nord in Lausanne comprises two residential buildings connected via an underground plinth and garage. The setting on the sloping terrain North of Lausanne overlooking lake Geneva is spectacular. The volumetric shift in the facade exploits this view. Each buildings contains 7 apartment types of various sizes.

Qurm Villas

The Qurm Villas originate in the clients desire to built four houses for his four grown up kids: In order to avoid a quarrel between the siblings all villas needed to be the same size and layout, but each with a different orientation and expression. The four villas are designed like genetic siblings.

Bitterfeld Wolfen

The competition entry for the urban design in Bitterfeld-Wolfen explores a systemic approach to design along three lines of investigation: an ecological axis of transformation, a demographic axis of transformation and an economic axis of transformation. The design embraces the "artificiality" of the context and proposes a compact parametric urban design.

Freiheits- und Einheitsdenkmal / Berlin

Einheits Denkmal is a design for a memorial for the German freedom process leading to re-unification in Berlin. The memorial traces vectors across a layered time-space continuum traversing the multi-layered and charged German history. Located at the center of the city the monument aims to educate and commemorate at the same time.