Urbanisation Conference

International Conference on Challenges of Urbanisation in Arab Gulf Countries March 23. - 25. 2014 
Venue: German University of Technology (GUtech) / Halban Campus
 Organisation: GUtech, Prof. Dr. Sonja Nebel, Aurel von Richthofen

The conference presented and discussed final outcomes of a 3-years interdisciplinary research project on Sustainable Urbanisation Patterns in Oman, carried out by scholars from GUtech and SQU with the financial support from TRC, The Research Council Oman.

Findings were based on two case studies, one in the rapidly expanding Muscat Capital Area and another one in transforming rural areas around Fanja, that were presented in an exhibition accompanying the conference.

Speakers from Oman and abroad were invited to address sustainability as a socio-cultural, economic, environmental and administrative challenge of urbanisation not only in Oman but as well in a global scope.

The conference raised awareness and fostered a national discourse on regional and local particularities of urban management, planning and urban design towards sustainable urbanization.

More than 160 registered participants and 30 VIP guests attended the conference. Of those 57 participants came from Higher Education Institutes in Oman (SQU/SCD/HCT with ca. 45 students). The conference attracted guests from Birzeit University in Palestine, University of Kuwait and RWTH Aachen in Germany furthermore delegates from Omani ministries and the municipality of Muscat.

More information can be found here: http://www.urbanoman.org

Sara Abdelaal and Dr. Hamad Al Gharibi
Yassine Moustandiji, Arnd Baetzner and Dr. Lucia Reisch
Dr. Simon Pearce, Dr. Stefan Kollaritz and Dr. Awni Shabaan
Conference closing panel with Dr. Marike Bontenbal and Dr. Sonja Nebel, et al.
Conference Program
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Urban Oman Exhibition

Exhibition on Urbanisation Patterns in Oman on display at GUtech, Hablan Campus from March 23rd to June 12th 2014.

Baumeister Journal: Oman - the Anti-Dubai?

Aurel writes about urbanisation trends and sustainability in Oman in Germany's oldest architecture magazine - Baumeister. The conservative development in Muscat is seen in contrast to fast paced Dubai. The specificities of urban sprawl, land allocation system, destruction of landscape are descrtibed as well as typical modern villas and sub-urban settlement patterns. The article concludes with a manifesto for sustainable urbanism adapted to Oman.

Scitech TV - Houses

Scitech TV documents the research project sponsored by the Research Council Oman "Towards Sustainable Patterns of Urbanisation in Oman" conducted by GUtech and SQU, featuring Aurel von Richthofen and Haitham Al Busafi as well as GUtech students.

Scitech TV - City

Scitech TV documents the research project sponsored by the Research Council Oman "Towards Sustainable Patterns of Urbanisation in Oman" conducted by GUtech and SQU a second time, featuring Aurel von Richthofen, Maryam Zargar Yaghoubi and Sebastian Langer as well as GUtech students.

Focal point ETH Studio Basel

Aurel von Richthofen acts as focal point for ETH Studio Basel research on urbanization in Oman in March 2013. He coordinates the visit of 10 students, 4 assistants and 2 professors to Muscat, organizes a symposium and workshops with GUtech students.

Compact City Oman

Compact city is a design for a sustainable neighborhood in Al Khoudh within the larger Muscat Capital Area based on cultural, climatic and economic criteria of sustainability. This model – both a research method to evaluate, interpret and integrate specific criteria of sustainability as well as a design proposal for a sustainable neighborhood - exemplifies an integrated approach to urbanism adapted to the local Omani conditions.