Sucre Glace

Sucre-glace is an compact ice-rink and sports stadium in the Swiss village of St.Cergues, located in the Jura mountains close to Geneva. The envelope is a consists of an inflated membrane and wooden space-frame.
Sucre-glace is a design for a compact ice-rink and sports stadium in the mountain resort of St. Cergues in the Swiss Jura. The design responds to the setting of within the village and the existing facilities of the centre du Vallon. The organization of the sports rink is straight-forward and functional. The entrance leads visitors to the viewing ranks, while the athletes enter from a link to the neighboring building. Technical rooms are hidden under the grades to the West of the design. A parking is located under the building.
The light-weight composite envelope consists of a translucent membrane and wooden space-frame and is supported by positive air pressure. A grid of wooded knot consisting of three perpendicular beams each form a space-frame with a static height of three meters. The thickness of the beams relates to the structural loads. The beams are loaded predominantly with pressure. Resulting forces run in parallel direction to the wooden fibers. Steel cables and a polyethylene membrane take the tensile forces. The later closes the envelope climatically. Wood is used as renewable material. All materials can be recycled. The complex spatial knots are resolved using parametric design and digital manufacturing. On site construction will be reduced to a minimum. The smart combination of wood beams, steel cables and polyethylene membrane results in a lightweight building with a minimal carbon footprint.
Authors: Aurel von Richthofen 
with Thomas Pierce and Tom Pompeiani
Place: St. Cergues, Switzerland 
Year: 2010
Size: 6000m2
Type: Competition 
Client: Commune de St.Cergues 
St. Cergues physical model - side elevation
St. Cergues physical model - entrance
St. Cergues physical model - top view

School Crisser

School Vevey is a design for an elementary school in Crissier, a small village in the Swiss Romandie. The design includes eight class rooms, a sports hall and related administrative spaces.

Lausanne Housing

The housing scheme Fiche Nord in Lausanne comprises two residential buildings connected via an underground plinth and garage. The setting on the sloping terrain North of Lausanne overlooking lake Geneva is spectacular. The volumetric shift in the facade exploits this view. Each buildings contains 7 apartment types of various sizes.

Nouvelle Comédie

Nouvelle Comédie is a compe­tition design for a new classic and contemporary theater and opera house in Geneva, Switzerland. Nouvelle Comédie is a hybrid. For the sake of programmatic flexibility all main spaces are organized on one horizontal plane. Acoustic requirements on stage and seating given, constrained by the site, the resulting form is a simple massing diagram. Thus the section resembles Antoine de St. Exuperie’s hat-turned-elephant-eating-snake drawing from the Little Prince. The architectural exploration is bound to the thin layer of the facade. The skin necessarily becomes the mediating surface of this project.

Elephant Park

Elephant Park is a design for an elephant house with inner and outer spaces as extension to the Zurich zoo. The design maximizes visitor experiences though undulating layout in the landscape. The Elephant Park negotiates a series of programmatic constraints based on the nature of designing for elephants and humans alike, moving away from the classic separation of exhibit and observer.

BAK Pavillion 2010

The design concept for the German Architects Chamber pavilion is composed of a complex distribution of regular polyhedral elements. Octahedrons and tetrahedrons interlock spatially like 3 dimensional tiles following a non-Carthesian grid.

Splügen Rest Stop

Splügen is a landscape project located in the Upper Rhine Valley in Switzerland using parametrically designed “fins” to engage the river and manipulate the fluvial landscape. The Upper Rhine Valley is characterized by its pristine alpine ecology, yet, contrasted with a mayor highway connecting Germany and Italy running through it.