Tenseairity Bridge Vienna

Due to its low profile the bridge pays homage to the adjacent Radetzky bridge and ties into the structural and aesthetic logic of bridge engineering in Austria. The design calls for an asymmetrical pivotal bridge: The longer truss rotates, while the shorter part is fixed. The longer truss spans 36m towards the Hermann Park. A rotation of 110 degrees allows ships to pass if needed. Both arms are in perfect balance while open and brace each other in closed position to accept higher loads. 

The constructive principle has 4 elements: A light weight aluminum deck takes tension forces, the pneumatic beams (tensairity balloons) with circumferential tension cables form the actual cantilevers, counterweights attached balance the system, lateral beams, finally, carry tension and pressure loads into the foundations. The bridge is clad with folded fiberglas panels and reveals a characteristic pattern of openings on the side at the intersection of folds and tensairity beam. The translucent quality of the bridge mediates construction and environment. At night, lights inside the air-beams illuminate the structure from inside. A slight ramp leads towards the center-point of the bridge where people rise above the platform to observe the scenery. Technological innovation, static system. materialization coalesce in the architecture of the bridge and the design of the surroundings. 

Authors: Aurel von Richthofen 
with Marc Schmit and Sebastian Hefti

Place: Vienna, Austria
Year: 2009
Size: 80 m
Type: Competition
Client: Stadt Wien

View across Donauseitenkanal
Nocturnal illumination of the bridge
Structural system explained in axonometric view: <br> - light weight aluminum de
Pivotal bridge rotating 110 degrees
Cross section and elevation
Long section and elevation

Maribor Bridge

Maribor Bridge is a design for new footway and bicycle bridge Lent–Taborsko nabrežje. The proposed bridge is a light-weight construction combining air beams and tension cables in a new structural concept called “Tensairity”.

Dubai Tensegrity Tower

Tensegrity Tower is a design for an iconic monument of 170 meters height in Dubai. Tensegrity Tower is the pure exhibition of structure. Calling for an iconic tower devoid of program the elevator company sponsored competition merely indicated a desired height of 170 meters.

Tetra – City / House

The house of the future is a tetrahedron. In fact, it is a set of tetra- shaped rooms forming a little city of tetra-spaces that form a tetra-shaped house. Fractal in geometry, the ideal house can be applied as ideal city on a different scale. Recursive in time, a partial realization anticipates the future expansion.

Sucre Glace

Sucre-glace is an compact ice-rink and sports stadium in the Swiss village of St.Cergues, located in the Jura mountains close to Geneva. The envelope is a consists of an inflated membrane and wooden space-frame.

Warsaw Rotunda

Warsaw Rotunda is a renovation and a tactical urban space project at once. The design takes an existing building, strips its facade and turns its inner space into an observation platform. The reversal of a closed hermetic space into an open public lantern reclaims a central place in Warsaw for the public.

Portfolio 2009-2013

This portfolio collects three lines of investigation explored simultaneously and mutually re-enforcing the work produced by aurelVR during 2009-2013: Research, Teaching and Practice. Research on urbanization in Oman and the Gulf marks a new field of investigation of design processes and spatial organization beyond form. Teaching expands in the same direction using digital tools to support design and research. The design part, finally, collects various projects done with aurelVR in Berlin and Oman.